Student Internships

Beginning in the year 2000, the Sea Turtle Conservation League of Singer Island has hosted students from the University of Central Michigan's Alternative Summer Break Program, during the month of August. During this very busy nesting and hatching time, student volunteers join permitted volunteers early each morning, while we monitor the beach to check for new nesting and hatching events.

The student volunteers then continue with their program at MacArthur Beach State Park, where they help the park rangers with projects there. After eating a picnic lunch, the group and their day at The Loggerhead Marinelife Center, our local sea turtle rehab facility, where they learn even more about sea turtles and the hardships they face as hatchlings and as adults.

The students discovered us via our website. We are proud to note that out of all the summer volunteer programs available to Central Michigan University students, our program is one of the most sought after.

Please note that we are a volunteer organization and do not provide any paid student programs. We also do not provide room and board or any transportation that would be necessary in the North Palm Beach area.

***Note: Spring Break programs should not contact us due to the very small nesting activity occurring during the months of March and April.